Idle Ninja Online
Official Idle Ninja Online Whitepaper, last updated Sep 2022
Idle Ninja Online is Korea’s No.1 blockchain-based P2E Mobile RPG where players get to grow their ninjas and experience a unique game style of idle and action play. Launched in April 2021, the game now has a total of 1 million downloads worldwide with over 210k active users. INO implemented its own cryptocurrency(NINKY) and NFT(INARI) to further intertwine the INO world with the blockchain system.

The world of Idle Ninja Online is connected to the blockchain.
Players get to truly own their unique assets through the blockchain. They can purchase in-game goods through NINKY token acquired in the game or withdraw them to the blockchain world to connect with the wider world. Moreover, they can also use NINKY to get their own NFT Tomo, the valuable NFT asset in the game.

Integration of idle and non-idle mode of gameplay is realized.
Idle Ninja Online allows players to make light approaches to the world or spend time playing more seriously through idle and non-idle gameplay methods. This allows players to enjoy both the fun of limitless growing up from idle playing and the entertainment from active participation in the non-idle activities.

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