How the Breeding System Work

Breeding Conditions

  • Grades of Tomos: Breeding of different grades of Tomos is possible up to one difference. Offspring Tomo’s grade will follow the lower one of parents by higher chance. For example, if you breed a Hero Tomo with a Legendary Tomo, there is a higher chance that the child Tomo’s grade is Hero.

  • Generations of Tomos: There is no restriction on breeding of different generations except for the parent-child relationship. The generation of the resulting NFT Tomo Egg follows the higher. The breeding between Tomos of 1st generation and 3rd generation results in the birth of 4th generation Tomo Egg.


SOULS is an asset needed for breeding of Tomos. NFT Tomos need a new type of spiritual energy, or SOULS, to be bred!

The table below shows the cost of SOULS for each Tomos participating in breeding:

For instance, if you ought to breed a Divine Tomo with a Legendary Tomo, it costs 212(= 170+42) SOULS to proceed.

SOULS can be obtained through exchanging with NINKY at NINKY-SOULS Liquidity Pool or staking at PNINKY Farm.

* Every SOULS used for breeding is redistributed to PNINKY Farm.

Breeding Count

Breeding consumes Tomo’s breeding count. If it reaches maximum breeding count, Tomo becomes sterile, meaning that they can’t be bred anymore to produce new NFT Tomo.

The breeding count has a close relationship with the generation of Tomos. Tomos of the 1st generation start with 5 breeding counts. Its offspring, or Tomos of the 2nd generation, are born with 4 breeding counts, and so on.

* Therefore, Tomos of the 6th generation can’t be bred since they are born to be sterile in the first place.

N-Generation Eggs

As a result of breeding, users obtain a NFT Tomo Egg of a new generation. The generation and the grade of NFT Tomo that hatches from the Egg are determined by those of parents, especially the lower one, if there are any differences in generation and grade between parents.

You can’t exactly identify what’s in the Egg, but you can assume it by looking at the information of Egg’s parents. Just as NFT Tomos, Eggs can also be traded among players on the auction house.


Each trait of a new-born NFT Tomo is genetically inherited from their parents. There also exists a low chance of meeting a mutant trait!


After breeding, promotion can take place! There is a chance of a new-born NFT Tomo promoting to a higher grade.

The above table shows the probabilities of new-born NFT Tomo promoting after breeding.

When the promotion happens, every trait of a new-born Tomo is set random; that is, the promoted new-born Tomo does NOT inherit its traits from its parent, but rather gets 100% randomly mutated traits due to the special effect from the promotion.

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