Non-Idle Play

Unlike other idle games, Idle Ninja Online features a variety of game modes which require skillful control. The combination of idle and non-idle play infuses diversity into the game and creates unique experience for the players.

Battle - Dungeons

Explore dungeons and fight with tougher monsters and bosses to earn special rewards.

Bosses have unique skill patterns, and either tactics with experience or expert controls will show you a way to victory.


Actively engage in missions and complete achievements to get rewards. Infinite number of missions await for players.

Workshop - Showdown

Showdown arena is ready for PVPs.


Become a member of a family and enrich your ninja life by sharing your adventure with others.


Many other systems in the game are carried out with players' active controls non-idly. By providing more non-idle features, Idle Ninja Online seeks to fulfill its mission to entertain players dually within the game and also outside the game.

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