Tomo System

Standing by the side of the character, Tomos helps players battle through their way in hazardous fields full of monsters. There are two types of Tomos: Support Tomos and Battle Tomos. Support Tomos aid players by giving buffs to the character or debuffing enemies on the field. Battle Tomos actively engage in attacks by using shurikens they have equipped or protect players with damage sharing and shield providing.

They are both obtainable at the in-game gacha, but special NFT Battle Tomos that are superior to the normal ones are only obtainable at the NINKY marketplace outside the game.

Tomo is not the kind of creature that only serves as a player's pet, but rather it is a reliable companion - or tomodachi(ともだち) - of a player by itself. It serves as an important pillar of the game, and its significance will be reinforced as more Tomos come out in the future.

Type: Suport Tomo

There are over 80 different types of Support Tomos, and the power differs according to the rank of Tomo. More Tomos are yet to be updated, and players can experience the joy of collecting abundant Support Tomos through the game.

As Tomos in higher rank is extremely hard to obtain, they have exclusive summon effects and abilities which players cannot overlook.

Type: Battle Tomo

Battle Tomos stand by the player’s side and fully engage in battles using shurikens and their abilities. Each with its unique ability and traits, they diversify the battle system in the game. With the help of Battle Tomos, players can step further into the journey of conquering fields full of monsters.

  • Battle Tomos can be equipped with a shuriken not equipped by the player or other Battle Tomos. (Cannot equip shurikens that are more than 2 ranks higher than the rank of the Tomo.)

  • The efficiency of the shurikens equipped by the Battle Tomos is different from that of equipped by the user. For example, The duration and the heal amount of the heal shuriken equipped by the Tomo are reduced.

  • Battle Tomo’s health, attack power, and magic attack power are set in proportion to the player’s stats.

  • Battle Tomos quickly lose their Fullness compared to Support Tomos.

  • Battle Tomos cannot be sent to explore.

  • Battle Tomos can be obtained by summoning or crafting: players can craft a Battle Tomo from the Bag → Craft → Tomo → Battle Tomo with 20 Rare Tomo Pieces.

  • Battle Tomos actively engage in battles using shurikens and abilities. Along with the shurikens they are equipped with, they have unique skills that are activated at regular intervals.

  • Since Battle Tomos are identified as living enemies to the monsters, they can be targeted and receive attacks of enemies.

  • Battle Tomos have a stat called ‘Share’, which takes the damage taken by the player instead.

  • Battle Tomos may even faint if their hp is due. Once they faint, it takes a while for them to revive.

Some Battle Tomos are able to be obtained through in-game gachas, but NFT Tomos are only available in the NINKY marketplace. Battle Tomos obtainable inside the game have limited ability and are inferior to NFT Tomos.

Summon Effect & Special Ability

By summoning Tomo, players can benefit from its summon effect and special ability. Each tomo has its own unique effect and ability.

Level Up & Promote

Tomos also earn experiences when engaging in battles, and they can grow to become stronger Tomos by leveling up and becoming Tomo of higher rank by promotion.


Other than summoning Tomos by one's side, a player can take advantage of Tomos just by collecting them. Collection effect accumulates as a player encounters different Tomos in gachas.

Tomo's Explore

Tomo can go on its own journey to explore fields without players. As a returning reward, players can collect rubies, golds, and experiences. This unique idle system works as a boost for the fast growth of players.

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