NFT Tomo

Meet NFT Tomo

Meet NFT Tomo:

NFT Tomo came out to the world to help players by their side. It is another companion who stands by players and actively helps their limitless growth. Users can cross-breed NFT Tomos or participate in NFT auctions to find the right Tomo of your preference. The systems derived from NFT Tomo brings a freshness to a game and provides a new way of NINKY utilization to the INO-NINKY ecosystem.

The NFT Tomos are traded and auctioned in the NINKY marketplace at Through the interaction between the NINKY marketplace and the game, players are able to experience a whole new form of entertainment that was unseen in the game previously.

NFT Tomos are one of the main pillars that sustains a healthy and colorful NINKY Universe.

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