NFT Tomo System

NFT Tomos are Battle Tomos of a special kind. They have unique mechanisms and their own traits separated from other Tomos.

  • Parts & Natures System apply to NFT Tomos. The traits of parts determine its natures and unique ability. The combination of the natures of NFT Tomo define its stats.

  • Traits are divided into 7 parts: Body, Tail, Face, FaceDeco, EarDeco, Wing, Charm. Players can obtain NFT Tomos with various traits, and this allows them to acquire the one and only NFT Tomo of their own.

  • There are four kinds of natures: Hostility, Empathy, Patience, and Swiftness.

Each nature boosts different stats that are relevant to its name. Below is the specific information on how genes and traits are related with stats:

  • Parts create set effect when #numbers match each other and form uniformity. Boosted stats can be checked at the stats section.

  • Colors are given independently of parts and natures.

  • The NFT Tomos can level up through gaining experience in battles, but upon withdrawal, the level is initialized to 1.

  • Unlike ordinary Battle Tomos, NFT Tomos cannot be released or promoted by leveling up. (promotion can take place during breeding, though)

The inherent ability of the NFT Tomo is determined by the “Charm Object” it holds. Below is the table of special abilities of NFT Tomos determined by Charm traits.

* “Charm” is the object which NFT Tomos are holding, and it decides which unique ability NFT Tomos will have.

  • NFT Tomos are obtainable only outside the game through the NINKY Marketplace.

  • NFT Tomos can be bred. For more information on the breeding of NFT Tomos and its genetic mechanism, visit Go to Breeding.

Breeding of Tomos

The breeding of NFT Tomos requires SOULS, and the amount it takes depends on the grades of Tomos. After the breeding of Tomos, players acquire Tomos in the form of eggs. The eggs are classified into three grades: Mythic, Legendary, Hero. The higher the grades of eggs, the higher the probability of higher grades of NFT Tomos coming out.

The eggs acquired through breeding can be either 1) traded in the NINKY marketplace, or 2) incubated for hatching. The traits and abilities of new NFT Tomos acquired through hatching are inherited from their parents. Baby Tomos receive half of their attributes respectively from each of their parents. There is also a chance of mutation happening, meaning that it is possible for baby Tomos to come out with a new kind of Attributes that their parents don't possess.

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