NINKY Farm is a system in which users receive rewards by contributing to the NINKY ecosystem with their NINKY. Users can earn additional NINKY by supplying and depositing into the NINKY-BNB LP, or by staking NINKY in the “NINKY Staking Pool” to acquire additional NINKY. Also, they can stake their PNINKY to earn SOULS as a reward.

As stated in the Tokenomics, 12% of NINKY’s total supply is going to be distributed through the NINKY Farm. NINKY in the farms will be distributed according to the following rules:

  1. Total distributed amount is 12% (1,200,000,000) of the total supply of NINKY

  2. NINKY will be supplied through the NINKY Farm for 720 days starting from 2021.12.24.

  3. NINKY Staking Pool: 166,666

  4. NINKY-BNB LP Farm: 1,500,000

To take SOULS rewards at SOULS Farm into account and promote the circulation of NINKY-BNB LP Farm, the distribution for NINKY Staking Pool has lower APR.

The APR and Daily Reward displayed at the NINKY Farm may change depending on the calculation time, TVL, etc., and are for reference only. For the exact amount of rewards, please refer to the reward amount description specified in the article or the contract information accessible via Bscscan.

Any transactions executed within the NINKY ecosystem adheres to the smart contracts registered on BSC. If the information found at NINKY documents or communities differs from the information found on-chain, the latter is always prioritized.

NINKY Staking Pool

Users can provide their NINKY to NINKY Staking Pool and earn Pooled NINKY(PNINKY). The contract information can be seen here.

PNINKY continually compounds, and it can be used to interact with other protocols within the NINKY Universe. For instance, to participate in PNINKY Farm(Souls Farm), users have to stake their PNINKY in order to receive SOULS as a staking reward.

Users who want to stop staking can unstake as many PNINKYs as they want by going through an unstaking period of 10 days — unstaking cannot be canceled — and get back the NINKY equivalent to their stake.


NINKY-BNB Farm is a system that supplies liquidity to the NINKY and BNB pairs in PancakeSwap, deposits the LP(state of proof), and earns additional NINKY as a reward in proportion to the LP’s stake. The contract information can be seen here.

SOULS Farm (PNINKY Staking Farm)

To participate in the SOULS Farm, you have to STAKE the PNINKY you earned by participating in the NINKY farm. You can get SOULS as a reward here.

A total of 711,022 SOULS will be distributed for 2 years from 2022.03.31 to 2024.03.31. Detailed schedule follows below:

  • About 1,090 SOULS is supplied to the pool on a daily basis during the first year (2022.03.31 ~ 2023.03.31, total 400,000 SOULS)

  • About 850 SOULS is supplied to the poole on a daily basis during the second year (2023.03.31 ~ 2024.03.31, total 311,000 SOULS)

The distribution amount of rewards at NINKY Farm is volatile due to an instant redistribution system that is operated at the NINKY ecosystem. That is, the more transactions made in the system, the more redistribution and rewards there are.

Guide to using NINKY Farm can be seen in the Providing Liquidity and Staking

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