SOULS is used for breeding NFT Tomos. NFT Tomos need a spiritual energy, SOULS, to be bred!

The SOULS token is built to function as a medium between INO-NINKY ecosystem and NFT Tomo. The token is supplied mainly through NINKY-SOULS Liquidity Pool and PNINKY Farm, and its price will be carefully managed by Idle Ninja Online in order to facilitate the breeding process for players.

You can find out its smart contract information on BSCScan.

SOULS is expected to provide stability to the existing INO-NINKY ecosystem while establishing a new ecosystem powered by dual tokens.

How to Earn SOULS?

There are mainly two ways to earn SOULS. Players can earn SOULS by:

  1. Exchanging NINKY to SOULS at NINKY-SOULS Liquidity Pool.

  2. Staking PNINKY* at PNINKY Farm and getting SOULS as a reward.

* PNINKY is obtainable by staking NINKY at NINKY Staking Farm.


Total supply of SOULS is 10,000,000, which will be distributed as below:

  • Liquidity Pool: 1,000,000 (10%)

  • Holders: 500,000 (5%)

  • Eco Fund: 1,000,000 (10%)

  • Team: 500,000 (5%)

  • Emergency: 7,000,000 (70%) - burned*

‘Liquidity Pool’ is the amount of NINKY used to create the NINKY-SOULS Liquidity Pool.

‘Holders’ is used as an incentive project to reward PNINKY staking and promote a new tokenomics powered by SOULS.

‘Eco fund’ will be used as an incentive project to reward the community and contribute to the project.

The amount allocated to ‘Team’ is distributed to members of the team, much of which will be staked.

A portion of the amount allocated to the ‘Emergency’ is issued when the price of SOULS reaches too high. The issued tokens are used to stabilize the price of SOULS.

* Token allocation for Emergency is burned to support a fully automated circulating economy. The initiative was to reinforce the aspect of ‘Automated Circulation’ of SOULS tokenomics. As how NINKY is redistributed to holders, every SOULS collected as a breeding fee will be also redistributed immediately to the users as a reward at SOULS Farm. The manual market intervention using the Emergency allocation became unnecessary after the launching of SOULS Farm. To eliminate the possible threat the allocation of Emergency may pose, the amount is removed from the ecosystem permanently. (Revised 28 Mar, 2022)

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