The Idle Ninja Online community has grown rapidly since the game's first launch in April 2022. Beside the largest community at Idle Ninja Online Discord channel, INO users are distributed along several different communities: Telegram, Reddit, NAVER Cafe, Fandom Wiki, etc.

The community works as a place for information exchange among users, a communication between users and developers, and most essentially, a decentralized organization powering further development.

1. Information exchange among users

In the community, players can share their knowledge about gameplays and reinforce their in-game experience by gathering family members, searching friends, chatting with others, etc. This acts as a primary incentive to be involved in the community.

2. Communication between users and developers

The community works as a place for the communication between users and developers of INO. Among various programs designed for promoting user-developer communications, NINKY bounty for bug reports can be seen as an outstanding example.

3. Decentralized organization powering further development

Lastly but most importantly, the community serves its role as a signpost for further development. Although it lacks a decision power on future development of INO for now, the community will gradually develop its a decentralized organization and transform the INO-NINKY ecosystem into a fully decentralized autonomous system that decides its own fate with governance.

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