The platform is on its way to evolve into a decentralized autonomous organization(DAO). The system of autonomous governance will be adopted in the near future with the development of the governance in NINKY token.

The community residing at Discord channel is serving its role as a decentralized organization currently.

In the Discord, following actions of governance are taking places:

  • Discussion on topics around the game

  • NINKY reward for

    • Proposing suggestions for updates

    • Reporting bugs in the game

    • Reporting players cheating

    • Uploading media contents about Idle Ninja Online

  • Election of moderators through voting among members of community

As the size of the community and users in the INO-NINKY environment increase, the channel will ultimately transform into a fully decentralized organization.

Future of Community

When the plan is realized, NINKY holders will be able to utilize smart contracts to make on-chain votes for numerous decisions regarding halving points, making of new NFTs, adoption of new dApps, and much more.

For example, change in halving mechanism can be scheduled as below:

  1. On the first Monday of a month, a vote on whether to halve or not is conducted.

  2. On the next Monday, an announcement on a decided halving plan is published.

  3. If halving is approved, it is applied on the following Monday.

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